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Green Bow Tie Works
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I create bespoke pieces using mixed media, ranging from natural materials on canvas to spray paint and brush work on brick.
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Having grown up in this area, I naturally gravitated toward the forest and our wildlife, which greatly shaped who I am and what I do.

I studied Wildlife and Media at the University of Cumbria, where I discovered my love for immersing myself in the natural world, as well as exposing a vibrant love for the urban wild.

Having returned to Cannock Chase and being a tutor here for the past 2 years, I'm very aware that it's creativity that gives me kicks. I'm experienced in wildlife, conceptual and musician/festival/gig photography and love it, but it's the raw mixed media art I do that I'd like to bring to the area.

Art should make you feel something. I like to push messages with my work, whether it's promoting animal rights, encouraging positivity or simply expressing a love for something.